I am doing a map project on To Kill a Mockingbird and need specific quotes or that describe the small town of Maycomb with page numbers. Help!

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First of all, be sure to check out the excellent "Map of Maycomb" graphic provided by eNotes. It gives a good visual representation of the main street of Maycomb as well as the courthouse square with many citizens' names and businesses mentioned. I've included the link below.

As for quotes and descriptions, you can find many in the following chapters.

  • Chapter 1 gives a good description of the Radley House.
  • Chapter 4 places the locations of several of the Finches' neighbors.
  • Chapters 5 and 8 give the best descriptions of Miss Maudie's house.
  • Chapter 9 gives a glimpse of Finch's Landing.
  • Chapter 11 concentrates on Mrs. Dubose's house.
  • Chapter 12 describes First Purchase Church.
  • Chapter 15 describes many buildings around the courthouse.
  • Chapter 16 describes the courthouse in detail.
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To Kill a Mockingbird goes beyond the simple message "racism is bad" to attempt a more complex examination of how racism works. All forms of racism are not the same: some are born of hate, some of fear, some of laziness, some of self-righteousness, some of all these combined. What all racisms have in common in this book, however, is a failure of imagination: the inability to see that even someone who looks, and talks, and acts very different from oneself is fundamentally the same as every other human being. The history of race in the novel, as in America, is based on drawing distinctions solely for the sake of discrimination. -