I am doing a lesson plan on a book entitled A day In the Life of a Pharaoh.  Could you help me with some  differentiated instructions for this lesson plan.

Expert Answers
pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Differentiated instruction is a very important part of a teacher's repertoire. Educators have come to realize that everyone learns differently, and providing a variety of techniques for instruction and assignments will help reach all learners effectively.

When a teacher is planning for a class, he or she usually already has a feel for the overall level of the students in that class, and knows if any have special educational needs. In your case you are at a bit of a disadvantage, because your lesson plan needs to be more generic than that. One of the best tools in this case is to create a choice board. The teacher creates a number of different tasks which all focus on the same material, but through different learning styles. Then the tasks are arranged into a pattern, and the students are allowed to choose their tasks according to a set of rules. A common theme is tic-tac-choice, where nine tasks are arranged in a three by three grid, and students pick any three that would form a straight line on the board.

Take a look at this link for a long list of examples that will help get your creativity flowing. Keep in mind that a good lesson has the students doing  things, and the teacher facilitating. In the modern classroom the teacher is more of a guide than a leader.