I am doing archetypes in literature but am stuck on "underdog." Can someone please provide an example thanks.

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The underdog archetype describes the person who nobody expects to win. This person is at a disadvantage for one reason or another. One classic example of an underdog is David in the Biblical match up between David and Goliath. Who would have expected David, an ordinary shepherd armed only with a slingshot, to win a fight against the fearsome giant Goliath? Yet David did win. A fictional female underdog is Cinderella. Nobody would have expected a young woman who had been kept down the way she was by her evil stepmother and stepsisters to earn the hand of a prince. Yet she did, and variations of the Cinderella story appear across many cultures. The underdog archetype teaches us that simple people can offer great gifts and that we shouldn't judge people only by appearances. 

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