I am doing an informative speech and im doing it on the Holocoust. I want to know why Hitler wanted to kill the Jews?Why did he do it for a political gain? Or was it something else?

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larrygates eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hitler's anti-Semitism was a microcosm of a deeper resentment of Jews which pervaded most of Western Europe. He proposed to rid Germany of them and received widespread support. His original plan was not to kill the Jews, just rid Germany of them. He proposed sending them first to Israel; which did not work out because Britain, which then had a mandate over Palestine, would not agree. The British believed that if there were a large Jewish influx, Palestinian passions would be aroused. He then considered shipping them to Madagascar, then a French territory. The French would not allow this also. It was only after attempts to rid them from Germany by other means failed that Hitler and his henchmen come up with the "Final Solution."

Hitler's hatred of Jews was endemic. As a young man, he read a magazine entitled Ostara, which was at times pornographic, and frequently expressed anti-Semitic sentiments. While living in Vienna as a young man, he was also influenced by the extreme German nationalists who believed they must rid the Austro-Hungarian Empire of all "inferior people" if they were to remain dominant. He further was exposed to a polemic (but false) book entitled Protocols of the Elders of Zion which purported to uncover a vast Jewish conspiracy to take over Europe. Finally, Hitler was captivated by the music of Richard Wagner, he spent hours at the Opera listening to his work. Wagner was an outspoken and unrepentant anti-Semite.

Ultimately, Hitler came to believe that the Jews were behind a Marxist plan to destroy Germany. Altthough completely irrational, he was convinced that he was right; perhaps because so many Communists, including Marx and Trotsky were Jewish, as was Rosa Luxembourg who worked to overthrow the Weimar Republic. Add to this Hitler's belief in the superiority of the Aryan race, and all the elements were in place for an obsessive hatred of anything Jewish.

He did not hope to gain political power; in fact he had the power by the time the "Jewish Question" was considered. Jews were, however, a favorite topic of his diatribes prior to becoming Chancellor.

chachikoch | Student

Hitler hated Jews. There are many different theories on why. One is that the Jews were very educated and had jobs so they were successful finnancially which made them envied and hated. Some say because of the religious differences. Some say Hitler blamed the Jews for crucifing Christ. Some say it was just because people who didn't have blond hair and blue eyes were nothing (Just like how America was before the Civil War). No one know for sure why he hated them. He also used them as a scapegoat to explain all the problems in Germany.