I am creating a "Table of Figures" in my report. I want to know whether "Microsoft Excel graphs" in my report needs to be in the "Table of Figures"?

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karenrandolph eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe I can help you with your question, but first I want to make certain that I understand exactly what you need. Are you wondering whether or not you need to include a reference to Microsoft Excel Graphs' software within your 'Table of Figures' caption because you used this software to create your 'Table of Figures'? Am I getting this right?

If so, then the answer is no; you do not have to include a reference to Microsoft Excel Graphs within your 'Table of Figures' caption.

If you have not been provided with a specific referencing guide, i.e., APA, or MLA (I have included more information about these below in case you need it), then I would rely on APA because I find using APA easiest. So, using APA, your Table of Figures would be cited within your text as follows:

Table 1 (or whatever number your table is chronologically within your text)

Title of your Table: If your title is simply 'Table of Figures' then double space down from 'Table 1', and write 'Table of Figures'.

Following the above, insert your table contents making certain that the contents are easily readable and understandable.

After table content double space and insert a bold solid line.

Double space again and create your table caption, which should include:

Author last name, first initial. (date). Title of original source for table content (unless you are responsible) journal issue (#), page.

This last will look like this:

Sweigert, L. (1991). Classroom talk. Knowledge development and writing, 25 (4), p. 26.

Typically, the information required within the caption for an in text table is determined by the specific referencing guidelines you are using as a guide for writing the entire paper; for example, you may be using the American Psychological Association (APA) guide (example above), or perhaps you are relying on the Modern Language Association (MLA) guide; in either case, you can find the exact answer to what should be included in your Table of Figures caption by referring to the index of which ever referencing guide you are using.

Please let me know if you need additional information, or if I have written something you need me to clarify.