I am being asked to write a research paper on a topic in Legal Environment of Business. I do not really know what I can write about.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A business text book published by Pearson addresses the very topic of the legal environment of business. I imagine you have a similar textbook and that the things I say here will apply equally to your text as it does to the Pearson text written by Michael Bixby, Caryn Beck-Dudley and Patrick Cihon, but, since the Table of Contents and Preface of the Bixby book is available for ready reference online, I'll reference my comments to their text.

Looking at the table of contents of a relevant textbook can open your mind to a lot of topics you might write about. The legal environment of business covers everything from dispute resolution in the institutions of law and how lawyers help the business resolve dispute that can't be avoided to the application of international and civil rights laws within the business environment.

On any given topic in business law, or topic of law in the business environment, there are many individual applications, for instance, in the topic of civil rights law is the application of equal opportunity of employment and access, officially called Title VII law. Below are a few topics and a few applications of the topic taken as examples from the Bixby, Beck-Dudley, Cihon textbook The Legal Environment of Business.

Litigation and Dispute Settlement: Types of judgements in a business environment; alternate dispute settlement through mediation, arbitration or private judges.

Government Regulatory Agencies: The role in the business environment of the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC); the role of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA); the role of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Business Ethics and Corporate Responsibility: The place and impact in the business environment of the philosophical choice between individualism and communism; of formal methods of ethical reasoning; of social contract theory; of stakeholder theory.

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