I am asking about the meaning of this quote what I did not understand is "didactic novels by Mrs. West and Maria Edgeworth It resembles didactic novels by Mrs. West and Maria Edgeworth that were published around the time it was drafted, which compare and contrast the beliefs and conduct of two protagonists- with the object of finding one invariably right and the other invariably wrong” In general I understand it. It is about Sense and Sensibility of Jane Austen's novel

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If all you are asking here is what "didactic" means, the meaning of this word is something like "meant to teach a lesson."

So, what this quote is saying is that this novel is meant to teach its readers a lesson.  The quote is saying that this novel, like the other ones mentioned, has a good guy and a bad guy among the character.  The reader is meant to clearly understand who is good and who is bad and to learn a moral lesson from the conduct of the two characters.

This can be contrasted to a novel where all of the characters are sort of "gray" in terms of their morality.  Those kinds of novels are meant to make us think, not to teach us a specific moral lesson like these didactic novels are.

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