I am applying for ASB in middle school. One of the questions asks "How do your grades show me what kind of leader you will be?" I have a 3.43 GPA. What should I say?  

Expert Answers
sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Good work on that GPA.  I think that your GPA is a strength in this case, because it shows that you aren't perfect.  Your grades are good, but not flawless.  This means that you know what it feels like to make a mistake on something, which is important.  If you know what it feels like to make a mistake, then you have experience with learning from your mistakes.  You should tailor your answer in a way that focuses on that aspect of your grades.  Somebody that has never gotten anything wrong doesn't know how to deal with mistakes and adversity.  ASB will be similar.  There are going to be things that you do and try that won't work out correctly on the first try, but you have experience with knowing how to adapt to negative feedback.  

Your grades also show that most of the work that you do is good work.  A 3.4 is better than a B+ average.  That tells me that most of the time, you are doing great work.  Some mistakes here and there, but overall you are a dedicated and trustworthy student.  Focus your answer on that too, because that is the kind of ASB leader you will be.