Where can I read the short story "The Most Dangerous Game"?

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"The Most Dangerous Game" is out of copyright and is available to read for free in many places, including online. The story can be read at this website. Here is a brief summary.

Rainsford is a skilled and famous hunter. He falls off his ship and washes up on a seemingly deserted island, where he finds a man named Zaroff. Zaroff is also a hunter, and has moved to the island to avoid political consequences from the Russian Revolution. Rainsford is fascinated at first, and then he finds out that Zaroff, bored with hunting animals, is hunting men. When Rainsford expresses shock and disgust, Zaroff puts Rainsford into the position of prey. Despite his skill Rainsford is unable to shake Zaroff from his trail, and he finally leaps into the ocean. Zaroff, thinking that Rainsford has drowned, returns to his home, where he finds Rainsford in his bedroom. Rainsford defeats Zaroff in personal combat and spends the night in his bed.


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