I am 28 years old male with lymphocytes 13% & eosinophils 11% in blood, having chronic fatigue. What may be wrong? I have normal Hb, SGPT and Creatinine in blood. Blood sugar is also normal.

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mizzwillie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have to answer this question as I have many health problems; however, this is a student centered place for answers to school questions.  I realize that you want answers for what is wrong, but you must use the proper place.  None of us are medical professionals which is what you need.  I can however, suggest some ideas for finding what is wrong.  Depending on whether you have insurance or not, use either a free or low cost clinic or your regular physician to suggest what kind of physician you need to see.  Take a look at good online sources (such as Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN)  for ideas before you see your physician so that you know what questions you want to ask.  Have your questions written down. Keep a symptom log and what food or activity affects how you feel for the two weeks before the appointment.  Doctors then have an idea of what you are experiencing without having to ask 20 questions.  Have someone you trust go with you if necessary so that you have two sets of ears to hear what the doctor says.  When you make your appointment, ask the person on the phone which of the doctors in the clinic is best with your type of problem as doctors tend to specialize a bit.  I wish you good luck as it is no fun to be sick.

loraaa | Student

You must go to your doctor.

Good luck.