Alturism.hedoism and amorality in brav enew world .wich one of themes can be found in the novel?provide at least one  reference for each.

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Each one of these themes can be found in the novel Brave New World.

Huxley provides excellent examples for each theme in settings of the "uncivilized" world and the World State environment. 

In the setting of the World State environment, both amorality and hedonism can be viewed in the promiscuousness of the females and the use of the drug soma.  Marriage, monogamy and other types of romantic notions are kept from society because they do not let individual focus on society as a whole.  Thus, citizens are expected to be wanton and loose with their morality.  Children are taught at an early age to engage in sexual games in order to keep any type of sexual repression from becoming a burden.   

Citizens from the World State consider every person from the "uncivilized" world that John Savage emerges from, amoral and hedonistic because they do not conform to the standards of their world.  John however, considers the behavior of the citizens of the World State both amoral and hedonist because they engage in behavior that he finds both amoral and hedonistic. 

The citizens of the "uncivilized" world engage in monogamy and live without the need for the drug soma.  Linda, John's mother, once a member of the World State, has been forced to live on the Reservation after she was accidentally left there.  These conditions have been contrary to what she was used to in the World State and she has had to persevere as an outcast in what she considers a hedonistic world. 

Upon entering the World State, John learns that not everyone is as altruistic as he hoped they would be.  He learns that the meeting with his father is not what he hoped it would be nor were any of the wonders that his mother Linda spoke so fondly of, as great and noble as he had imagined they would be.  He becomes physically ill as he experiences the Brave New World that he had hoped would embrace him with open arms unlike the Reservation and the people who shunned him.  Both he and the citizens of the World State have behaved as they have been conditioned.  John has learned that there is goodness in chastity and nobility, and Lenina has learned that the teachings of the World State hold true: "Everybody belongs to everyone else."

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