Altough the Protestant Reformation is usually interpreted as a religious movement, it had a profound impact on European Civilization in general. Explain.

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, you are correct in saying that the Protestant Reformation was more than a religious movement. The Reformation had many far reaching consequences on many different levels. 

First, the Reformation weakened the strength of the church, as the Catholic church was seen to be corrupt at least on some levels. This wakened up people's minds to explore other avenues of study. This step unwittingly led to greater intellectual pursuits. 

Second, the Reformation also had an effect on smaller things, such as language. For example, when Luther translated the Bible into German; this shaped the German language. 

Third, the Reformation also led to wars, as Catholics and Protestants fought each other. 

These points should get you started.