Discuss how although we are presented with the naivete of the protagonist, the audience understands the issues beyond the child's innocent view of life.

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Bruno, the main character in the novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, is the son of a Nazi officer.  The audience understands  that Out-With means Auschwitz and the pajamas are what the prisoners wear.  When Shmuel first appears, he is on the prison side of the fence and cannot explore with Bruno as both boys would like.  The fence is another reminder to the audience that this is no ordinary camp.  When the Fury and his girlfriend come to Bruno's house, the audience knows that the Fury is really the Fuhrer visiting the Nazi officer.  When Bruno sneaks into the camp to help look for Shmuel's father, the audience is well aware of his danger which is borne out by Bruno's death in the gas chamber holding hands with Shmuel.  It is very much like watching a death you know is coming but which you are powerless to prevent.

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