Although Patria is not taken with Minerva and Mate, what heppens to her family in the book In the Time of the Butterflies?

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Although Patria is not taken with Minerva and Mate to prison, her husband Pedrito and son Nelson are arrested and incarcerated. The SIM come to the Gonzalez home, and although Pedrito and Nelson flee, they are captured, the house burned down, and the land confiscated. Patria and her remaining children, Noris and Raul Ernesto, move in with her mother at the Mirabal home.

Patria is frantic with worry about her husband and sisters, but, most desperately, she longs to secure the release of her son. She turns to prayer, offering her own life to God in exchange for that of her son. After some time, she gets word of Pedrito. He has been offered his release "if he (will prove) his loyalty to El Jefe by divorcing his Mirabal wife, but he has refused.

Patria then bravely arranges to meet with Captain Victor Alicinio Pena to beg for the release of her son. She comes before him, telling him how she had read that El Jefe was excusing minors, and pointing out that Nelson has just turned eighteen while in prison. She prays that God will soften the heart of the Captain, but realizes that Pena's power is limited. Captain Pena does accede to her wishes, and calls his superiors; the interview ends on a semi-hopeful note, with Pena telling Patria that a solution "is in the works."

After a great deal more time has passed, Patria is summoned before El Jefe. A group of young prisoners is going to be released, and Nelson is to be among them. Noris insists on accompanying Patria to the press conference before which the release is taking place, and she catches the eye of the notoriously lecherous El Jefe. Fortunately, Patria has coached her daughter well and keeps her close by her side, and Patria, Noris, and Nelson are allowed to leave without further molestation.

Pedrito remains in prison until after Minerva and Mate are released, and the two, along with Patria, are killed. When he finally regains his freedom, he remarries and is given back his land, but he is forever restless and never resumes his former occupation of farming.

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