Although openly criticized, Atticus is well respected in the town of Maycomb. Why is this true?

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Atticus is well respected because of his character and the way he treats other people.  In every scene that involves Atticus, he remains calm, wise, and strong regardless of what is going on.  When the men come at night to lynch Tom, Atticus is there to defend him and he stands up to the group all alone.  Atticus does not speak badly about other people and he always tries to see things from their perspective.  He teaches Scout and Jem to do this when he talks to them about the Cunnighams, the Ewells, Mrs. Dubose and Tom Robinson.  He chooses to defend Tom Robinson even when most everyone disagrees with him.  People continue to respect him though for taking a strong stand without being negative toward those who are against him.  His integrity and strength win people over even when they might not agree with him.

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      Atticus did the right thing to defend a colored man even though many didn't think was to be done. He supported tom even when things were at their worse. He is willing to stand in what he believes is right. Even when the people of maycomb were n't up for the job he stepped it up. Even though tom didn't win the case, Atticus still got a standing ovation from the colored folks after the trial because he did what was right.

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