I already posted my two questions about flight and song of the novel Song of Solomon.  Why can't I see them in the Q and A column?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you post a question, it can take a few moments before the question appears in the column.  Usually it does happen right away.  One key is the post the question in the right section. For example, be sure to post it under the specific book title. 

You originally posted your question in the “Literature” section instead of the “Song of Solomon” section, so I moved it.  Posting the question under the specific book makes it clearer which book you are talking about.  Some editors know certain books very well, and they will answer quickly since it is under that book. 

Also, since you are a premium user you will usually get questions answered very quickly.  It is not simultaneous though.  Sometimes it takes us a few minutes to put together a really good answer for you!

Thank you for using enotes!  I know you will get an answer soon.