I already have the trait humble for Ponyboy from page 45 but what are some others?

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Kristen Lentz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ponyboy is also insightful and extremely intelligent.  Early on, Ponyboys provides details that reveal he does well in school, like his advanced chemistry class and getting good grades, but Ponyboy is more than just a good student--he enjoys knowledge and learning for the sake of education.  He is able to recite the Robert Frost poem to Johnny when they are hiding out in the church, and comments that he only read it once.  Ponyboy frequently uses higher level vocabulary words like "elude" and "fiend" that also reveal his intelligence (78). 

Later, when Ponyboy's grades begin to drop, Soda reminds him that he has a special gift:

"You're not going to drop out. Listen, with your brains and grades you could get a scholarship, and we could put you through college" (173). 

Ponyboy's intelligence defies the greaser stereotype; his natural view of the world through his insightful perspective and voice makes the narration of The Outsiders even more compelling.

liamlmh13 | Student

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celinex24 | Student

We learn that he cares about his appearance - this is shown in the first chapter when he admires himself in the mirror and also when he incessantly whines during his haircut!

He is observant - he seees things like the sunset and the good things in life. He also draws and describes people vividly.

He is a bit aloof - a lot of the time he doesn't realise what is happening to him. It takes a long time to convince himself that Johnny was responsible for Bob's death.

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