All Summer in a Day Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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What is the conflict between Margot and her classmates in "All Summer in a Day?"

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Margot, the young protagonist in “All Summer in a Day,” has seen the sun shine, something her other young classmates have never seen.  The sun only comes out on Venus once every seven years, and it rains continuously on Venus.  Margot lived on Earth before moving to Venus and saw the sun every day.  Although young, she describes the sun to her classmates and says it looks like a penny and feels like a hot fire in a stove.  The other children at her school don’t believe her and lock her up in a closet.  When the sun comes out, the children all run outside, leaving Margot behind.  After the sun leaves and the incessant rain starts again, the children remember Margot is locked up.  Margot is heartbroken by the cruel treatment of the other children and for having to wait seven years to see the sun again.  Luckily for Margot, her parents may be moving back to Earth where she can once again see the sun every day.

The main conflict in the story is between Margot and her cruel classmates who are jealous of her experiences with the sun.  

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