What are the styles used by Pierre Corneille in his book Le Cid? all the styles like the three unities,the use of language,symbolism,and images.

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The three unities, as interpreted by Jean Mairet (1604–1686), a dramatist of Corneille’s time, stated that a drama should take place in one location only (unity of place); that the plot of events should unfold over the period of one day (unity of time); and that the focus of the play should be narrowed to the main events with no side plots developed (unity of action). THese were considered mandatory in Conreille's time.Corneille, however, stretched their boundaries. For instance, in reference to place, one could possibly say that all the action took place within the general area around the center of the kingdom. Corneille also stretched the time factor. He packed as many events into a day and a half as he could. The action of the play is also streched, to include many characers and situations. In his stretching of the three unities, Corneille presented his Parisian audiences with a more complex work.

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