In All Quiet on the Western Front, what dreams do the various members of the group have about going home?

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The men's dreams of going home seem to vary based on their age and experience.  For example, Detering who is one of the older men in the group has left behind his wife and his farm which he talks about constantly.  He dreams of going home to resume the beloved lifestyle that he left behind. Kat, another older soldier, also wants to go home to his family.  These dreams of returning to lives left behind motivate the older men to struggle on through the battles of the war.  However, the younger soldiers do not have these ties to home, and so they at first dream of returning beloved soldiers.  But as time goes on, they feel like they have less and less to live for, and their dreams of home become more like nightmares.  Paul feels distanced from his family, and his dreams of going home are hopeless as he realizes that he will likely not be able to fit back into the standards of society.  The younger men are much more disillusioned by what they experience in the war.

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