All My Sons is a tragedy of the family not the individual.Views for and against this statement would be helpful.

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teachertaylor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Miller's All My Sons is arguably a tragedy of the family not of the individual because the members of the Keller family allow each other to continue to live under the facades that they have created for themselves.  For example, Chris and Joe pretty much believe that Larry is dead; however, they will not admit this to Kate and the two continue to tip-toe around the issue for fear of upsetting Kate.  They assume that this is the best way to deal with Kate, yet they do not consider that they are only fostering a platform for heartbreak.  Similarly, Kate all along has known that Joe is responsible for the shipping of the faulty machine parts, but she keeps his secret for years.  She never tells anyone that he was not home sick as he had claimed.  It seems that Kate believes that she should support her husband's decision to keep their family safe, but when Joe's secret is revealed, the knowledge drives Joe over the edge and sends Chris into a state of near depression.  So, the play is a tragedy of a family who cannot rally in support of each other, choosing instead to hide each other from necessary truths.