“All is well that ends well.” Write your opinion reflecting on this adage with reference to the novel Holes in 400–500 words.

Writing an opinion piece on “all is well that ends well” in reference to Holes would probably support that statement. The piece could focus on the happy endings for Stanley and Zero or the broader effects of lifting the curse. An opinion piece on this theme should also include some of the difficulties they experience to provide a contrast with the positive outcome. This means in part that for other characters, such as the Warden, things do not end well.

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The novel Holes has a happy ending for Stanley Yelnats, who not only is released from unjust detention but also solves a mystery that improves the situation of other characters. Stanley’s efforts in coordination with those of Zero lead to finding the treasure and helping Zero, or Hector, to reunite with his mother. Both boys gain personally and financially from their new friendship, and Zero’s life is radically transformed. Because of all these positive developments, a writer who presents their opinion about the theme “all is well that ends well” would probably agree with that statement.

To arrive at the happy ending, Stanley and Hector endure numerous travails. These include the generally dismal situation at the camp, with its excessive physical labor requirements. Another positive change for Stanley is his growth as a person when he decides to help the desperate Zero. Together the boys suffer challenges from hunger, illness, and poison lizards, but end up with the treasure. Stanley’s efforts also lift the family’s curse.

While incorporating elements of fantasy and humor, the novel presents serious real-world subjects, such as abuses in the juvenile detention system. Not only is Stanley unjustly accused and sentenced, the administrators of Green Lake run the camp based on personal whims, and there seems to be oversight or accountability. Stanley’s efforts contribute to the downfall of the Warden and her abusive behavior.

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