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Who in the following list were not Democratic candidates for president in 2008? a. former Iowa Governor Tom Vilsack.   b. Senator Hillary Clinton.   c. New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson.   d. Representative Tom Tancredo.   e. former Senator John Edwards.

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In a question such as this one, I think that being able to find the common link between the choices and the one that sticks out might be a good approach.  Anytime the question stem has an "EXCEPT" in it or some other limiting term of that function, all of the options fit together but one.  Find that one and you are probably going to be set.  In this particular one, four of the choices are Democratic candidates for President in the 2008 Election.  Former Iowa Governor Tom Vlisack was one of the earliest participants in the Democratic Presidential Primary.  He dropped out early on, citing money issues.  New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson was an active participant in the Democratic Primary, but he, too, had to withdraw because of stalled support and financial challenges.  This puts Senator Hillary Clinton with former Senator John Edwards as the two primary threats to then Senator Barack Obama.  In the South Carolina Primary Debates in January of 2008, the three of them took the stage as the final three of the Democratic Candidates for President.  This means that Representative Tom Tancredo is the one Republican.  Thus, Tom Tancredo is the answer to the question, being the only non- Democrat on the list.

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