Of all the difficulties that Salva has faced, which do you think is the worst?

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Salva faces various difficulties while running away from the war in Southern Sudan. One of the worst is when he is abandoned by his fellow villagers, from the village of Loun-Ariik, at the start of their journey. Even though none of the group members comes from his family, he knows a few of them and is thus comfortable in their presence. He must have been scared to be all alone in a foreign place with the sound of gunshots and heavy fighting to be heard not far away. Fortunately, he meets an old woman who offers him food, shelter, and company. However, four days later, the old woman tells him that they have to part, as she has to move to another village and cannot move with him. His luck returns when the old woman asks another group of travelers to take him in so that he is not on his own.

Another major obstacle that Salva faces is the disappearance of his friend Marial. It seems that Marial is mauled by a lion as he is sleeping in the camp at night....

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