“All the animals remembered passing such resolutions: or at least thought that they remembered it.”  This quote specifically refers to what 2 parts of this chapter where Napoleon made changes?

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amarang9 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon decides to trade with neighboring farms in order to obtain all of the materials needed to finish the windmill. In order to trade, Napoleon would use hay, wheat, and hen's eggs if necessary. The animals recall resolutions stating that they would never to have dealings or engage in trade or money with human beings. Four young pigs protested but were silenced by Napoleon's dogs. Napoleon begins meeting with Mr. Whymper every Monday in order to negotiate these new economic partnerships with neighboring farms. Now, the animals were directly engaging with humans and participating in money and trade. 

Napoleon makes other changes in this Chapter as well. He and the pigs move into the farmhouse. Some of the animals are uneasy about this. They recall some resolutions stating the animals should have nothing to do with the house and certainly not the beds. Recall that one of the original commandments is that animals should not sleep in beds. Squealer changes this (4th) commandment to read, "No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets." And, of course, he claims this had always been the case.