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Let's go with some basics.  Frogs are amphibians.  They start out as aquatic creatures.  They hatch from eggs in the water and then turn into tadpoles.  As they develop, they grow legs and lose their gills and otherwise turn into animals that are able to live both in water and on land.

Frogs have skin that oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water can pass through.  While underwater, they breathe through their skin.

giorgiana1976 | Student

There are so many things that could be discussed about frogs!

We'll begin with some history and we'll emphasize that the late Jurassic was the period when appeared the first frog, calle Vieraella herbsti.

We could also say that there are about 4000 species of frogs, from the smallest to the largest ones.

The smallest one is called Eleutherodactylus iberia and it could grow till reaches the dimension of 9.8 mm.

The largest one is called Conraua goliath and it could grow till reaches the dimension of 30 cm.

We could also say that there are no frogs in Antarctica but there are little poison frogs.

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