Alkanes and Alkenes What are the uses of these Uses in society:- 1. Alkanes (Hydrocarbon) 2. Alkenes (Hydrocarbon) 3. Ethanol (Organic compounds containing oxygen) 4. Ethanoic acid (Organic compounds containing oxygen) 5. Chloroethene (Halogen)

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1. Alkanes are the fuels that we use in daily life such as methane and butane. 

2. Alkenes are used as feed stocks for polymers like polyethene which can be easily found as one of the materials for clothes.

3. Ethanol is the common ingredient of the alcoholic beverages we see. Recently it's being developed into an eco-friendly biofuel as well as the the medical wipes and antibacterial hand sanitizers.

4. Ethanoic acid is seen in the kitchen in the from of vinegar. It is also used as the ingredient for producing inks and paints.

5. Chloroethene is most commonly used to produce polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a versatile plastic used in various products that require a light but relatively firm structure.

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