Are aliens and ghosts real?Are aliens and ghosts real?

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enotechris eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"The fault is not within the stars, but in ourselves!"  If we agree that the term "real" describes a process or object in a conventional way, and the results are verifiable and replicable, then we can conclude that it exists.  By that standard, aliens and ghosts both fail.  That's not to exclude the possibility that they exist;  certainly phenomena have been observed that cannot pass that test, but that does not negate that an observation occurred.  The experience is real; what the experience references may not be.

The aliens we first encounter that will pass this test will most likely be life forms on the order of viruses or bacteria found extra terrestrially, but within our Solar System.  Applying our current understanding of physics, the "little green men" will not be visting Earth anytime soon, due to the distances involved.  If Scotty all of a sudden invents the warp drive, well, that's a different story -- but that requires another revolution in physics, and once having such interstellar engines, the observed phenomena would be replicable and verifiable -- we (and they) could visit each other at will.  But until such time, with current day definitions and current day understanding of the physical world, these things do not exist.

pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Within pop culture, there is an element in society that is in pursuit of proving the existence of both.  The popularity of shows such as UFO Hunters, UFO Files, Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters and others proves that there is a great curiosity about whether we are alone in the universe and what happens after we die.

These two subjects are fascinating and continue to spark much debate.  As a fan of the above shows, I enjoy the effort that is made to provide substantial proof of the existence of aliens and ghosts.

As far as aliens are concerned, there is the whole Roswell Crash incident and the conspiracy theories surrounding it.  I would venture to say that chances are that we are not alone in this vast universe.

As far as ghosts are concerned, there is an element of faith that must be applied to the belief or disbelief of the existence of ghosts.  If you believe in ghosts, then you are verifying that there is life after death.  If you don't believe in ghosts, maybe you are someone who believes that there is nothing after death or that a person's soul goes to heaven.  This is very subjective and influenced by traditions both religious and cultural.


timbrady eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure about either of these, but neither would surprise me.  If you believe that we are part matter/part spirit, then it is reasonable to expect that our spirits would "outlive" our bodies, and therefore there might be ghosts.  Of course, the problem is where are all of them?  And why do only some "appear"?  And what is the relationship between our bodies/spirits while we are alive?

I think it's much more likely that there are aliens.  This is a very big universe, and it seems unlikely that only one small planet would have life on it.  We tend to picture this life as being much more advanced than our own, but that is probably based on sightings that are at best, ambiguous.  If they have evolved about as far as we have (no matter what that evolution looks like) then it's no surprise that they exist in their own world wondering about whether we exist :).  Maybe I read too much about Roswell when I was younger, but I have always believed in alien life and still hope we'll have some contact in my lifetime.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I have never seen an alien or a ghost.  Well, I MAY have seen a ghost or two.  Who can tell?  The mind and imagination play tricks on us.  I believe anything is possible.  You can't prove a negative.  So they may exist.  Who can say for sure?

echo-swift | Student

How can anybody say that there is no such thing as either, as many of you said, there is a great lot of evidence suppoting both, but People are more sure about religion, Religion has no evidence what so ever, excpet a book that was made 3oo years after the Protganists death(Jesus Christ). I believe that If you dont believe in aliens, then dont believe in religion because your just going back on yourself

krishna-agrawala | Student

If by aliens, you mean living beings in places other than earth, answer is that no positive proof of existence of aliens have been found so far, but the possibility of aliens existing somewhere is much more than there not existing at all.

Discussion on reality about ghosts is much more difficulty than about aliens, because there in no clear or common understanding about what we mean by ghosts. All that I can say is that there are things in this world that cannot be perceived by our five senses. Science, has no proof of this because science so far has limited its studies largely to things perceptible by five senses. Science has only gone to the extent of accepting the existence of extra-sensory perception.

So in summary, I will say that I do believe in existence of beings existing independent of physical body, but I have no knowledge of nature of such beings.

danceangel | Student
Are aliens and ghosts real?

Are aliens and ghosts real?

yes, in the past there were aliens but the ghost are just are imagination.

danintim | Student

As of yet I have not heard/read any concrete evidence to support findings either way. Both sides are currently making great cases to support their views. My belief is that it is a personal choice as to which "side" convinces your scruples sufficiently. For now my suggestion is this.....keep searching the truth is out there !