In Alice Walker's "Everyday Use" why did Dee leave her house?

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Dee left the house because she wanted to go to college.  She comes back not really understanding her heritage.

Dee is not like her other family members.  She always wants more.

Dee wanted nice things. A yellow organdy dress to wear to her graduation from high school; black pumps to match a green suit she'd made from an old suit somebody gave me.

This extends to Dee wanting to go to college and go out in the world, beyond home.  When she returns, she has her own ideas about her family.

I didn't want to bring up how I had offered Dee (Wangero) a quilt when she went away to college. Then she had told they were old-fashioned, out of style.

Dee does not appreciate the quilts in the same way her grandmother did.  She thinks they are art, and does not understand that quilts are meant to be loved, appreciated and used—not looked at.

This story is an example of the disconnect between generations.  They try to pass on values and ideas as well as possessions, but it does not always work because the kids don't understand.

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