In Alice Munro's "The Found Boat," what is the plot?

epollock | Student

Like many of Munro’s stories, "The Found Boat" is set in her imaginary small town of Jubilee, which is visualized as being in western Ontario, near her own home town of Wingham. The story’s plot may be seen as the conflicts or contrasts that young people experience at their time of growing sexuality. The "Truth or Dare" game, for example, permits the young people to objectivize their private sexual wishes in a mixed friendly setting. Similarly, the discovery and repair of the boat offers the chance for companionship under the guise of cooperative effort. The high point of the sexual by-play is the collective decision to strip and run to the river, along with Clayton’s ejection of water from his mouth onto Eva’s breasts. At the story’s end, it seems that the girls will try to resume their lives as they were before, although their giggling suggests both their heightened emotions and their realization that they are moving toward adulthood.