Alice Greenwood and her mother are not slaves: How do they still fall under the slave system?

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mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Alice Greenwood and her mother are free slaves. Alice's husband, Issac Jackson is a slave, and after Rufus tries to rape Alice, beats up Rufus. Alice and Issac decide to run away after the fight. They are caught and Issac is sold to slave traders to Mississippi. Alice is beaten and enslaved. While she is in enslaved, Rufus, who claims to love her, buys her and takes her home. He asks Dana to nurse her back to health. He tells Dana to convince Alice to become his partner.

Alice is horrified at the thought of being with Rufus. Dana tells her that she can either be raped by him, try to escape again, or willing become his partner. Alice is devastated, but decides to become his partner. When Dana returns, she discovers that Alice and Rufus have had three children. The only one, a boy named Joe, has survived and she is pregnant again. She gives birth to a daughter named Hagar. Hagar is the direct descendant of Dana. Alice hates that she is now becoming use to Rufus. After Dana returns to her present time, Alice becomes upset and tries to run away. Rufus finds her and beats her and tells he has sold their two children. In reality, Rufus sent the children to live with his aunt. Alice then hangs herself.

Although Alice was a free woman, by becoming the partner of Rufus, she was kept under the bounds of slavery. Rufus had total control over her. After Rufus bought her, she became his property, like all the other slaves. She was also a slave to her feelings. She didn't want to feel anything for Rufus, but she found herself having feelings for him. By becoming a slave to her feelings, she wound up taking her own life to escape being enslaved anymore.