algebra used to define a linewhat does mean y=mx+n? use algebra to explain

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Any spot on a graph is defined by a coordinate with a value on the x axis (horizontal) and the y axis (vertical).  An equation like the one you gave can be used to find each point on a given line.  Therefore, this equation is the equation for a line (in slope intercept form).

y is the value of y for a coordiinate that is given in (x,y) form.

m is the slope of the line.

x is the value of x

n is the y-intercept.  It is the value for y when x = 0 and therefore that is the point where the line crosses the y axis.

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y=mx+n represents the equation of the line, written in the slope intercept form.

m represents the slope of the line. The slope is the value of tangent of the angle made by the line to x axis.

n represents the y intercept of the line.

The axis intercepting points are found in this way:

x = 0 => y intercepting => the point that belongs to the line, (0,y).

y = 0 => x intercepting => the point that belongs to the line, (x,0).

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