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Algebra 2 11th Grade: Write an equation to represent the information.   A store sells cards by the box. Engraved cards sell for $20 per box, and all-occasion cards sell for $10 per box. All purchases must total $150. If a person bought 3 boxes of engraved cards, how many all-occasion cards must he or she buy Write an equation in standard form, to model the problem. (Hint: Remember the word “per” in math means multiply) Explain what the slope represents (Hint: Your equation should be in standard form Ax +By =C so you can use slope=-A/B)

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x= no of engraved cards and y = no of all occassion.

So the equation will be 20x + 10y = 150 and to write that in the standard form you need to get y= so just manipulate the formula:


`` Then rearrange the equation to y=mx+c

y= -2x + 15

Remember that the slope is the gradient and is represented by 'm' in your equation. It shows how steep the incline is or the decline - this one has a negative slop indicated by the -2 in front of x.

Always remember to post multiple questions separately. The eNote rules prevent me from anserwing the 'solve for y' part of your equation so repost it separately .Thank you

Answer: y= -2x + 15 

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eagudelo | Student

Ok, so let's say x = number of boxes of engraved cards and y = number of boxes of all-occassion cards. Then

1. 20x + 10y = 150

2. Slope = -20/10 = -2 I'm not completely sure what the slope means. Sorry, I haven't taken Algebra in a while.

3. 20x + 10y = 150
   20(3) + 10y = 150
   60 + 10y = 150
   10y = 90
   y = 9