What is the difference between drinking alcohol and injecting it? As we know that when alcohol(beverages) is consumed orally it is converted into its metabolites in the gut which are responsible for producing various effects,,,,but what will be the effect when it is taken by some other route such as iv or im injection ?????????

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Injecting alcohol is extremely dangerous.  Consider that when you drink alcohol, the body has a chance to filter the drink before it enters your blood stream.  The liver, the kidneys, the gut, and other digestive processes help to process the alcohol before it hits the blood.  Too much alcohol can act as a poison.  Injecting the alcohol and bypassing the body's safe guards is extremely dangerous.  If you are thinking of injecting the same alcohol that you would drink, it is even more dangerous.  The digestive enzymes in your gut are able to handle various germs and chemicals that would cause serious complications if introduced directly into the blood stream.  

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I agree with #2, that is terribly dangerous! Consider this: When you want to disinfect a surface, you can wipe it down with alcohol. This works because alcohol kills cells, primarily by disrupting the integrity of the cell membrane. You are made of cells. What do you suppose happens when your living cells come in direct contact with alcohol?

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant. A direct injection runs a high risk of overwhelming the brainstem functions that control breathing and heartbeat, resulting in coma and death.

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It's very dangerous. As I understand it, you can inject pure ethanol into your veins and you will get drunk. However, when you drink alcohol your body has time to metabolize it and you get drunk slowly and safely. When you inject, all of the alcohl metabolizes more quickly. This is very dangerous. Did I mention it's dangerous? Don't do it!
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