In "The Alchemist", what is the Universal Language?

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While the straight forward answer to this question is the soul of the world, what does that mean? The soul of the world has to do with the author's attitude toward finding meaning in our individual lives. The author argues that inside all of us are the answers we seek. The challenge lies in asking the right questions, being open to answers (in the form of opportunities- omens), and in moving in the direction that these opportunities seem to suggest.

Because the universal language is one "spoken" by all, it is argued that individuals have the ability to undestand this language. The beginning of the book deals with what the author considers to be the main reasons why so few people (who know the answers, i.e., speak the language) listen to the universal language. It's not easy. There are obstacles to overcome. The author identifies these obstacles as a way for the reader to discover them and address them as they attempt to prevent us from seeking out what it is we want out of our lives.

To understand the universal language is see it, understand it, and use it. It's when we do all of these things that we'll come to fully understand the power which resides in all of us.

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