In The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, how did the different settings help to reveal the theme?

Expert Answers
tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The different places that Santiago finds himself have something to teach him throughout his journey to discover his Personal Legend. The Andalusian mountains teach him about the silent language that he can have between him and the sheep that he tended. The sheep also knew how to find water and pasture by listening to the earth. While in Tangier, he learned about patience, trust, and enthusiasm in order to achieve small goals that will help to achieve higher and more important goals. During the trek through the desert, he learned about alchemy from the Englishman's books and also how to be silent. At the Oasis, he learned about love that later helps him to recognize the Soul of the World and the Language of the World and of the Universe. At each stage, he learns a piece to the puzzle of the theme which is to trust in one's self, listen to the omens, and never give up on achieving your deepest desires to obtain  Personal Legend. It is interesting that his treasure was exactly where he began his journey, too, because the beginning is usually the end and the end is the beginning when pertaining to things in the world and in the universe.

laylolay | Student

the desert  is the most simple land in the world but here in the story although how simple its on the surface it has all secrets and darkness inside it , treasure , love , friendship, war , knowledge and the personal legend .