Akbar goals What were Akbar's Ideology, motivation and/or goals?

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I think number 2 is related to number 3. Akbar was a more sensitive ruler. He was not power-hungry. The fact that he seemed more interested in art shows he cared about other things besides war and conquering. A very different kind of ruler, but also apparently an effective one.
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One of his goals certainly seemed to be the promotion of art and culture rather than its destruction. During his lifetime, he was a great patron of the arts and of architecture and famously had the walls of his many palaces covered with murals. He also took keen interest in the European style of painting, which was very different from the Eastern style at the time.

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Akbar's ideology seems to have been based on the idea that he should treat his subjects in a humane way.  He, for example, suspended taxes in bad times so his peasants would not starve.  He was also tolerant of religions other than his own.  This would seem to indicate that his ideology was based on humaneness.