Akbar effectsWhat are some Short term effects and Long term effects Akbar had?

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Akbar was very influential to Indian culture, because over a period of twenty years he managed to bring all of the territories in line. He started ruling at 13, and seems to have been well-prepared. His interest in arts and cultivation of the arts also left a lasting impression.
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The biggest long term impact of Akbar and his rule relates to religious tolerance and diversity. I agree with #2 in the way that we can relate India today, with its plethora of peoples and religions, to the policies of Akbar and the way that he championed religious tolerance.

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In the short term, his main effect was to increase the size of the Mughal Empire by a great deal.  In the longer term, there are those who think that Akbar's religious and ethnic tolerance was a major factor in creating the India of today with its many ethnic groups and (relatively speaking) tolerant society.