Akbar What are some Political, social, and economic conditions PRIOR to Akbar gaining power:

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The whole region was under threat from various enemies when Akbar's father was in power. There was no united rule. Everything was independent and not really under one country. Akbar had to work to bring all of the surrounding territories under his control.
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It is important to remember that Akbar was born in troubled times. He was actually born whilst his father and mother were taking refuge in Persia, fleeing the Pashtun leader, Sher Shah Suri. It was only during the chaos of the succession of this leader that Akbar's father was able to reconquer Delhi. Therefore we can see politically Akbar was born into a time of immense struggle and warfare.

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Just before Akbar took power, the Mogul Dynasty had been founded but had not reached its full height.  Akbar's grandfather, Babur, had succeeded in capturing Delhi and taking power in the north of India (having crossed into what was then called India via the Khyber Pass).