Is air pollution a problem to be solved by the United Nations, United States, major companies, or individuals?

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Air pollution is an international problem. It is a collective result of the excessive and abusive acts of humans to the atmosphere which can affect the whole earth. When particulates, compounds, biological materials are added in the atmosphere, the degree of risk to humans health is heightened.

Since it is an international problem, everyone is responsible in maintaining a clean air. We are all affected with the air pollution. And if we do not act, the next generation will suffer. In short, we are all responsible for this.

However, the power of every individual will not be maximized if not well educated. The role of the governing institution should initiate and make an action. For example, the United Nations should promulgate the news and effects of air pollution to humans and other organisms. They can do this by doing campaigns, advertisements and commercials. After that, any country can pass any law that will prevent the increasing pollutants added in the atmosphere. Along with that, the government will try its best to clean the air as soon as possible. Finally, smaller sectors should comply with the law created.

Every one of us is expected to take part in cleaning our air and reducing the pollutants that get into the air that we breathe. 

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