Aim of MLK 'I have a dream' and Barack Obama 'Yes we can' speechesI would be so grateful if someone could answer this 'The aim of the two speeches' 'Do you think that Obama & MLK's speeches...

Aim of MLK 'I have a dream' and Barack Obama 'Yes we can' speeches

I would be so grateful if someone could answer this

'The aim of the two speeches'

'Do you think that Obama & MLK's speeches achieved what they were supposed to?' Why? - examples & reasons'


I have already quoted some fact about the two speeches but struggling at the moment. Like I said, would be great if someone could give me a helping hand here as it would go towards my english assessment. Thanks again:)

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I notice that you asked about whether the speeches achieved their goals.  I would say King's did so more than Obama's did.  The reason for this is that the goals and values outlined in King's speech were much more easily shared by a majority of Americans that those in Obama's speech.  The general idea of racial equality is one that goes well with our founding ideas ("all men are created equal").  The idea that we should all coalesce behind a health care plan and an energy plan that would "save our planet" are much less obviously connected to universal American values.

In addition, King's speech is almost 50 years old now.  It has had time to become a mainstream idea.  Obama's is relatively new and cannot be expected to have "worked" yet.  Finally, King was killed and became something of a martyr.  Obama is alive and is a politician in difficult times.  A martyr's words can do more to unite a country than those of a politician.

jenniferhays eNotes educator| Certified Educator


Both Martin Luther King, Jr.’s, “I Have a Dream” and Obama’s, “Yes, We Can!” speeches have an underlining theme.  Both are calls for action.  In both speeches, the main goal is to create unity toward a single purpose.  In the speeches, the goals differ.  For example, the call to action in King’s speech is to end racial segregation in the south.  However, both speeches aim to unit a country, to inspire action, and to create change. 

Whether or not either speaker was successful in the speeches is a matter of opinion.  However, to find your answer, you might look at the outcomes following both speeches.  For example, did change occur following Dr. King’s speech?  If so, provide some specific examples of this change. 

To summarize, both speeches are a call to action.  Both speeches aim at inspiring, and unifying a divided country. 

Good luck!


litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

These speeches are both inspirational.  The two men are some of the best speakers we have ever seen.  The idea is to inspire people to achieve something that seems next to impossible.  Using rhetoric, or moving language, they reach our hearts and make us feel like it can be done.

roxielilyrox | Student

thanks so much :D

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