Against what other systems or situations are Orwell's observations applicable?i just need help

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I take it that you mean other systems besides communism in the Soviet Union?  So you're asking how this story is relevant to those other systems?  I'll go on that assumption.

One of the main things that's applicable to other systems is the way the pigs constantly twist the truth to try to convince all the other animals of things that aren't true.  Really, any system probably has that problem.  Even our system in the US (which I think is as good as any) has this problem.  Politicians are constantly trying to manipulate the truth to make us believe they are right (so we will reelect them).

I suppose the other thing I'd say is that it shows how power corrupts people.  This is also true in just about any system (not just government).  You can see examples all around of people abusing their power over others (even teachers have been known to do it).

Those are the ones I'd point to.  Other people may have other ideas.