After yearbook is published?This is my first year as the advisor of the yearbook. We plan on getting our yearbooks on May 15 and MUST meet a March 22 deadline in order to do so. We will make that...

After yearbook is published?

This is my first year as the advisor of the yearbook. We plan on getting our yearbooks on May 15 and MUST meet a March 22 deadline in order to do so. We will make that deadline. My problem is that since I will have these students for 8 more weeks, what do I do with them. There are 8 students and 3 have really done the majority of the work. The others have to be coaxed into doing jobs and their grades reflect that. What do I do with them now as far as grading, etc.? I had no curriculum and was thrown into this situation.


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dbello eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It was unfortunate that you were given this task without prior notice and that the entire group did not participate equally.  In my school the yearbook class is more than a class, it is a labor of love with the advisor dedicating many hours outside the classroom in order for the book to be its very best. The yearbook advisor in my school has completed our last 9 yearbooks and also has to incorporate meaningful curriculum after the book is completed.

Here are some examples of the post yearbook curriculum: (high school level)

1. Business marketing/ Book Publishers- elements of publication

2. Journalism/ How to write news articles/ Organizational layout of a newspaper

3. How to conduct an interview for publication

4. Accounting skills/ keeping the yearbook on budget/ the role of budgets in publishing

The yearbook advisor instructs the students in these types of topics as they collaborate on the yearbook process. By expanding on these topics as they exist in the business world after the completion of the book it allows the students to relate their school accomplishment to different careers.

A possible solution for those students who do not fully participate in the process:

Since the yearbook is a tremendous task our administrator has allowed the advisor to suggest possible candidates for  the class. She also promotes the yearbook class as a special privilege so any student who would like to be in the class should contact her.  Everyone in a yearbook class has to be involved, it's better for's better for the students. If you are the yearbook advisor for the next school year this might be something you could propose to your administrator, if you are not perhaps you will pass this along to the teacher who is given the task.

Hope this information was helpful...Good Luck !!!




bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The previous post has some absolutely EXCELLENT ideas and responses. Don't think you are alone--I was the yearbook (and newspaper) advisor for most of my 20 years of teaching, and a few students end up doing most of the work. I remember going at least 14 straight days working at night until 3 a.m. to complete one book. I walked around like a zombie at school during that time. At another school, I was allowed to personally pick the students for my class--it turned out to be a great staff and yearbook, but things don't always work that way. Learn from your mistakes and try to recruit the three good students if you are the advisor again next year.

kci | Student

Those of you that have not seen the Boston University yearbook..check out   The concept was created by KCI- Custom Yearboks.