After winning reelection in 1916, Progressive President Woodrow Wilson did his best to keep the US out of the World War brewing between the Central and Axis forces in Europe. What military action did American troops see in World War I? Name the three of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points do you find important for maintaining world peace in the future. Explain why.

American military action in WWI was limited to the year 1918 and the Western front. US troops first proved themselves at the Battle of Cantigny. They served alongside French and British troops in numerous other battles and led the victory at the Battle of Saint-Mihiel.

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Let's focus on the first chapter question you provide. Interestingly Congress declared war only against Germany in April 1917 and then against Austria-Hungary the following December. The country never entered into conflict against the other allies of these nations. Therefore, all US military action was limited to the Western Front. The majority of US forces did not arrive in Europe until the summer of 1918.

In May 1918, US forces took action in their first significant battle of the war at Cantigny. This battle resulted in the destruction of a German salient and assured French and British forces that American forces could be depended upon in battle.

Other major actions of the American military included the defense of the Somme in March and April, the Battle of Lyse (April), the Battle of Aisne (May 27–June 5), the Second Battle of the Marne (July 15–18), and the Somme Offensive in the final days of the war. In these actions, American forces typically played a role by backing up French and British forces.

The first major combat that the American forces took the lead in was the Battle of Saint-Mihiel on September 12–15, 1918. Led by General Pershing, this attack caught the Germans in a state of disarray and successfully pushed the front lines forward. It also showcased the successful use of American air and tank support.

The US Navy played a limited role by providing a battleship group to join the British fleet at Scapa Flow and other ships to serve as convoy escorts.

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