After the unification of Germany, which of the following controlled the national government? A. An assembly of state reps. B. A cabinet of appoingted ministers C. The Kaiser and Chancellor D. Junkers and the Proletariat

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The best answer of the options that you have provided here is C.  After the creation of a unified Germany in 1871, the national government was largely controlled by the Kaiser and his chancellor.

The German Empire was a federal monarchy.  The monarch (called the Kaiser) was a real ruler, not just a figurehead like the Queen of England is today.  There was a legislature, but it was not nearly as powerful as the Kaiser.  There was no official cabinet because the chancellor was responsible for all foreign, domestic, and military affairs.  The Junkers (aristocrats) did have influence, but they were not connected with the proletariat.

Therefore, the best answer is C.  Germany was ruled by a strong monarch and a chancellor with substantial powers. 

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