In The Cay by Theodore Taylor, after Timothy spots the cay, what happens to Phillip that enrages Timothy? 

Expert Answers
kathik eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of Chapter Six in The Cay by Theodore Taylor, Timothy sees a small island in the distance--a cay in the ocean. When he tells Phillip that he sees it, Phillip gets so excited that he stands up and falls overboard into the water. This enrages Timothy because there are sharks all around. Timothy jumps into the water to fish Phillip out, and he is able to put Phillip back onto the raft. Phillip knows Timothy is very upset with him.

"I knew Timothy was in a rage. I could hear his heavy breathing and knew he was staring at me. 'Shark all 'round us, all d'time,' he roared" (Taylor 52).

Timothy goes on to instruct Phillip to only crawl as long as they are on the raft. He soon settles down and asks Phillip if he is alright, and he explains that anyone can die in the water because there really are sharks all around them. Soon after, though, the two of them reach the cay, and their real adventure begins.