In The Landry News by Andrew Clements, after thinking about Cara's editorial and talking to his wife, what did Mr. Larson realize?

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In The Landry News, Cara is new to Denton Elementary School, the school where Mr. Larson teaches. She has had a very difficult time recently since her parents divorced but has worked through her issues and now, in her new school, she is anxious to reveal what she is good at. She knows she is good at writing editorials and so she decides to start her own newspaper, and Mr. Larson, her teacher, is the subject of her article.

In her fifth grade class, she finds Mr. Larson to be uninspiring and uninspired. She says of him that "there is a teacher in the classroom, but he does not teach" and she would like that to change so has written about him. However, her words about Mr. Larson come across as very unkind and Mr. Larson has his own reaction to the article, ripping up the paper in front of the class and wondering how Cara can write such a report when she knows nothing about him. He has been a teacher for many years and was even voted Teacher of the Year on numerous occasions, so the suggestion that he is lazy and no longer a diligent teacher offends him deeply. He is unable to see the truth in Cara's hurtful words.

It is his wife who tries to make Mr. Larson understand Cara's perspective, and upon realizing that much of what Cara says is true, he decides that he does need to change and regain his passion for teaching. When he returns to school after the weekend, he is enthusiastic and eager to raise new topics. It seems a discussion on newspapers is a fitting topic and this will create new opportunities for his students. 

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