After their crimes, Oedipus blinds himself whereas Jocasta commits suicide. How can it be said that Oedipus took the easy way out? Oedipus Rex by Sophocles   I think Oedipus took the easy way out because he (1) was always metaphorically blind (2) was an outsider to the Thebans, so he could deal with the shame put on him. What else can be a reason?

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I think Jocasta took the easy way out. After all, she does not have to live with the results of these events. Oedipus found a solution that worked for him, but did not actually get comptely out. At the end, she is really out, and he is basically still in.
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In Sophocles's tragedy, Oedipus Rex, after Oedipus Rex blinds himself, he asks Creon to exile him; however, he is taken into the palace. This action indicates that, though blind and humiliated by serving his own destruction because of his hamartia, Oedipus will, nevertheless, be cared for within the palace.  In addition, he is with his daughters and may be allowed to remain near them.

Always with life there is hope.  So, although Oedipus is disgraced at the end of the play, he is yet a man who once held high stature. So, there is a possibility of his being able to perform some redeemable act for Thebes or for his children which will, perhaps, mitigate the disgrace that he has brought to his name and to his family.


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