After seeing the witches, Macbeth says "From this moment the very firstlines of my heart shall be the firstlines of my hand". What does this mean? What does it say about the changes in Macbeth's view of manliness?

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In Act IV, scene 1 Macbeth says this.  He was indecisive and didn't want to go through with killing Duncan at first.  However, he has become so evil by this point that he can order a murder without even thinking it through.  He orders it on a whim.  He has turned into a cold-blooded killer from being a man who killed one man to further his own "career."  When he contemplated killing Duncan, Lady Macbeth told him he needed to be a man about it and stop worrying.  Now he's to the point where he has no second thoughts of regret or remorse.  This is the scene where he orders the death of the entire Macduff family--even the children!

"The castle of Macduff I will surprise;
Seize upon Fife; give to the edge o' the sword
His wife, his babes, and all unfortunate souls
That trace him in his line."

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