After Samuel Parris begins to believe his daughter is afflicted by witchcraft, what is Thomas Putnam's advice to him?

Expert Answers
renelane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Samuel Parris' main concern while his daughter Betty lay inert on her bed was for himself. Parris felt the town conspired against his every move, and while he should have been concerned with how to his his own child, he is instead worrying how to keep the incident quiet.

Salem Village is not an easy town to keep things private, and it is not long before word gets around about the plight of the Reverend's daughter. The Putnam's arrive with news of their own child's affliction.

Thomas Putnam convinces Parris to go downstairs and make the announcement that he has discovered witchcraft in their town. Parris did not want to do this, for he does not think he should be associated with evil. But, in the end, he realizes that it is fruitless to try to hide Betty's ailment, and tries to put himself in the best light possible.